South Indian and North Indian restaurants usually have a ‘no fail’ policy about them. Somebody or the other will continue to frequent them and eat at them. If not for the main courses, then for the snacks and appetizers.

So when we have a brand Dasaprakash, that has been in business since 1921, setting up shop in Noida ‘s sector 110, an upcoming retail area, we know it augurs well for all.
Along with its close competitors, Saravana Bhavan and Sagar Ratna, this too houses excellence.

I talk about only these three because other South Indian joints do not fall into the same category: of standalone fine dining.

And if you’ll forgive me for being a bit partial, I would go for brand Dasaprakash any day, than its rivals, all because of its superlative vegetarian cuisine. Not only is the restaurant clean and comfortable, it is pleasing to the eye as well. Seating is spacious and the service is prompt.

And, just to be on the safe side, their menu has an ample display of not just South Indian, their core strength, but also robust North Indian fare and a smattering of International cuisine too. You’ll find kinds of pasta and sandwiches hobnobbing with idli, dosa and paneer tikka!

We opted for the delicious, fresh South Indian thalis and the dosas and the kids enjoyed their equally delicious Penne pasta in white sauce. Not every day do you come across a joint that makes every member of the family happy.

Prices are pocket-friendly, the quantity just right and the staff tries to be diligent. Try the specialties listed on their menu as you go along the ubiquitous dosa-idli-sambhar-oothapam route. You won’t regret it.

The only downside, I found was that the approach to the restaurant was a bit cumbersome. And of course, you’d be lucky if you get to park your car nearby…the usual travails of being located in a market area that’s spread far and wide. For mall-rats, this could be an inconvenience. But, yes, it makes sense to go there for the food.

And if you’re as observant and curious as I am, you’ll want to know what a pop-up picture of a crown is doing there in the logo of the restaurant. But if nobody can explain that, just remember, it probably means- we are the kings of our type of cuisine. At least, fans of Dasaprakash would agree!

Though the word ‘Dasaprakash’ actually means ‘light of the servant of God.’

Happy eating!


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