Uri: All About The ‘Josh’

Uri: The Surgical Strike

Watching a movie like this, just a day after the horrific Pulwama attacks, can be unnerving. It glorifies revenge and bloodshed. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And while this is not what we are going to be teaching our children; at times like this, when there are no answers to grief and outrage that follows terror attacks, this seems the only answer.

Understated as ever and always brilliant, lead actor Vicky Kaushal shines in his pensive patriotism that assumes the form of chest thumping, blood curdling ‘josh’ when he joins the mission to seek revenge for the Uri attacks. The film is based on the surgical strikes conducted in 2016 by the Indian Army, against militant launch pads in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK).

It kicks off routinely, a tad slowly with a lot of emphasis on the domestic troubles of Major Vihaan Singh Shergill who abandons active duty to be with his ailing mother. The emotional angle is worked upon effectively but is very predictable too. Mohit Raina puts in a good act as the brother in law who shares a strong bond with his wife’s family and ultimately, it is his death that brings the film to its main agenda: to get into war mode.

Combat scenes, ambushes, gunfire and snipers are brilliantly brought alive
with technical excellence that the film scores on. So much so that it is cinematically gripping to watch as if one is in a real war zone with all preparations leading up to the Uri strike. And Kaushal has the charisma and workings of a method actor, making the film, believable.

That one needs emotions and ideology more than physical strength and technical brilliance to participate in missions to wipe out the enemy is propogated and is in essence the basic truth, as shown here. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that there was a lot of sound, as seen in all the scenes of a supposedly ‘secret, covert’ operation!

Overall, it manages to raise the patriotic temperature among the audience and make us feel that bloodshed for bloodshed is the only language understood by terrorists. And to achieve peace, our government needs to do a ‘Munich’ occasionally as done by Israel’s secret service Mossad.

Uri, the movie, grips you and gets you into that blood thirsty mood. So, the agenda is achieved. More than the occasional public outrage and black stickers and candles burning on balconies, this is again needed for every Uri and the recent Pulwama.



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    1. Hi Craig. This is a festering problem that shows no signs of ending because as we all know, a lot of countries support terrorism to keep other countries in check. Its all about world domination and politics really!

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