This one is all about sex. Either about having it, giving it or taking it back. Married people having sex. Unmarried ones. Old people and teenagers. Everybody seems to be doing a lot of this stuff in Tom Kapinos’ directorial venture, which ironically enough, isn’t at all about the sex alone. And if this was just about sex, I wouldn’t be writing about it; porn doesn’t need a mouthpiece.

This show, that was co-written by the lead actor David Duchovny, yes you guessed it right, one of my favourite actors, ever since my teenager heart crushed on him while watching X-Files all those years ago…is about a hundred other things, that seem far more important than all that superficial grinding, moaning and passing out. It gets hilarious, most of the times. Sex can be so funny if you can look at it like that.

Set in scenic, sunny, California, it is immensely watchable. Well, why? Because good shows can just distinguish themselves. Especially when one digs smart, funny, one-liners, two liners even or complete paragraphs that masquerade as dialogues in this witty entertainer. Not to forget that this show has a collection of some amazing evergreen tracks played in almost all the episodes. Listen to– You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones), Walkin Up The Road (Betty Davis), If You See Her Say Hello (Bob Dylan), Don’t Let Us Get Sick (actress-singer Madeleine Martin), Only Women Bleed (Alice Cooper), among many other tracks. It’s uplifting.

The story goes such: Hank Moody is a writer. A writer who’s going through a terrible patch of writer’s block. Oh, this ailment is just so common to my fraternity. Procrastination, diversion, vacillation, anything is welcome except writing when one is struck with this malady. Our hero’s one true love, the mother of his child has left him for another man; and the result is…the poor sod has stopped writing — completely. He’s jobless, wallowing in a sea of women, drinks, drugs, rock n roll and the occasional orgy.

Of course, we know that writers have this romantic/idyllic image of sinking into all the pleasures or the sins this life has to offer, in order to get those creative juices flowing; so our man does it too. Except in the process, he becomes a sex addict. Kinda. Because we catch him having sex with just about anybody! Talk about nursing a serious heartbreak and writer’s block. No wonder most people in other boring professions hate writers, They’d like to be one too, you know!

But hold on. It’s not so simple! Because this show can get you all soppy with the emotion dripping by. Love, the most overrated emotion in the world is however treated right, in this series. Because, without it, nothing exists. Nothing moves. Nothing matters. Hank Moody proves that. His partner whom he never married proves that. As do all the people in their lives.

Seduction, sex, extramarital affairs, hippie/kinky sex; you name it, this shows got it. And yet in the end, or very early through the show, you realise…its all about love. So, folks, this show is about cutting through that veneer, about seeking love, companionship and a connect, that is the very reason, boon and bane of our human existence. We need to feel loved. We need to feel connected. And that is the only thing that makes life worth living.

Duchovny (Hank Moody) screws up. Bigtime. And that’s what life is about, Screwing up. But trying to get better and hanging in there.
Watch. Reserve your judgement.
Been there. Done that.

The show has won several awards, including two Emmy Awards (nominated for two others) and one Golden Globe Award (nominated for five others).

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