A mid size terrace with misty sprays, a smattering of potted plants, heavy wrought iron chairs and absolutely no space to move about, because it was jam packed, was what Friday night out at the Imperfecto Ruin Pub at the Gardens Galleria Mall, Noida, was all about.

Seating is otherwise ample with the ground floor also serviceable. Music is good, the kind of course, that appeals to the masses: a mix of retro Bollywood, Punjabi and a few English tracks thrown in for good measure. Food, relatively okay, though the ones we sampled were a bit over drizzled with salt.

Service, however, I would say, gets a measly 2, on a scale of 1 to 10. No matter how crowded, how chaotic, it is a pretty normal situation in any pub/bar as the weekend kicks off. So, my Friday night experience was highly unusual.

Despite many dishes and drinks being ordered and repeated entreaties and reminders made to the many servers, only a select few food items made it to our table. Not to mention that we had to resort to eating slippery, greasy snacks with our hands, in the absence of any cutlery.

Water was hard to find. Harder still to be served, despite saying so, umpteenth times. Hungry and thirsty revellers we were and yet  it was just the spirit of celebrating some friends’ birthdays, that pulled us through. So, the service was really and truly the stuff nightmares are made up of.

I hope they pull up their socks! After all, it’s not just the ambience and the music and the crowd and the vibe–bad service can be the biggest deal breaker when it comes to maintaining a top position among your competitors.

Rightly, it was Imperfecto!


Published by Tashneem Ali

Journalist. Author. Media Strategist. Blogger. New writer of fiction. Reader. Poet. Chef. Music lover. Photographer. Singer.

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