Sometimes when you have a long weekend and suddenly make an impromptu plan with friends to go somewhere, there aren’t too many options available.

Reason being that all hotels, resorts at a nearby distance are usually bursting at the seams. There are long queues everywhere and if you have small kids, its usually not a great idea to spend all your time queueing up at them or even at amusement parks or entertainment centers. It’s usually a nightmare and I say this from countless bad experiences.

So, once again when a long weekend dawned upon us and we didnt have any plans up our sleeve, I chanced upon a small farm, on the worldwide web, that seemed pretty secluded and located a little farther away from Manesar, Gurgaon.

A little bumpy ride with uneven roads deviating into the form of a left turn from the main road led us into the Golden Turtle farm where we didn’t see any turtles but plenty of ducks and rabbits. As luck would gave it, my hunch proved right and other than us, there was just one more group of friends hanging out there. It was but ideal.

A relatively large stretch of greenery where this airy bungalow was housed, with a swimming pool and lovely garden chairs outside made it perfect to spend our day lazing around. The washrooms were clean, the service was very personalised with the manager and chef rustling up some healthy, fresh home cooked food for us. Paneer tikka, dal makhani, yellow dal tadka, chicken curry, fresh salads and hot rotis, off the tawa that were served in the community dining hall, were very welcome.

This is a BYOB place, so if you want alcohol and smokes, you get your own poison. Which is okay, if you know about it beforehand. They also have rooms upstairs in case you decide to spend the night too. Overall, a nice, comfortable homely place where the kids can run around and also take a dip in the pool, if it’s too hot.

Just remember to call beforehand and tell them to dust the lounge where you will be sitting, a bit, before you land, if you have OCD, like me. 🙂 The good part is that it is calm, serene and the lush greens all over, add to the charm of this old fashioned farmhouse, where you can go, only if you’re looking to avoid the din of those ‘oh so popular’ places that are jam packed with all specimens of people, the moment there’s a long weekend ahead.

Simple, no fuss and relaxing since there are no television sets here too so you just switch off and enjoy.

Be warned, however, that if you are too used to the trappings of luxury hotels, you may not find it too great an experience.


Published by Tashneem Ali

Journalist. Author. Media Strategist. Blogger. New writer of fiction. Reader. Poet. Chef. Music lover. Photographer. Singer.

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