She’s just 26 and has been singing since she was six. This stunner with a powerful, sexy voice, MaryJo De Mello who is half German and half Portuguese has been singing in the Goa circuit for a very long time. She belts out numbers in various languages like English, Hindi, Konkani, Portuguese, Latin and Russian.

Her last big performance with the original compositions Threads Up, was at the Festival De Cannes, that she attended recently with designer Verma De’Mello as part of her NGO’s campaign that focuses on helping women. She’s also mother to two kids and she has been performing all across the country.

Catching up with her at the Tangerine lounge of the Zuri resort in Varca, Goa, I ask her how she manages being a mom and a singer whose job involves travelling too. “My family is extremely supportive and they like being there for me at all times, ” she smiles.

She’s never trained professionally and yet sings so well and she has just this to say to aspiring singers, “singing is an inborn talent and nothing can replace that!” She should know since she had her first public performance at 15.

Inspiring words for both my music crazy kids, who loved her voice and excellent rendition of all their favourite English and Bollywood numbers like Kabira, Sacrifice, Lady In Red, Nothing Gonna Change My Love, Last Christmas and many more.

Her future plans include focusing on her career as a solo artiste after years of playing with various bands and creating many more original compositions.

Good luck, MaryJo!


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