There are two things Chef Kunal Kapur believes in: one is to simplify the cooking process and two, to try and reach near perfection if possible, in his kitchen antics. As of today, he goes by many names such as celebrity chef, television personality, cooking whiz and inventor of recipes with a twist. His latest flirtation is with the newly launched premium high end product from American brand Hamilton Beach; the juicer-mixer-grinder that claims to be perfect, just as he likes.

On a sunny summer afternoon in a city hotel, he demonstrated his forte; to mix up different origin dishes and to mix it up with perfection with this ‘mixie’ as he reminds us that this is what Indians have, for generations, always called this gadget that is a must in every household and cooking establishment.

Though the days of mortar and pestle are long gone by, a lot of cooks still prefer to go back to the old methods after a frustrating tryst with most ‘mixies.’ I can say this from personal example since I love to cook too and many a time, I have been splattered with pureed onion or tomatoes or worse, chillies, in my oft repeated kitchen experiments, all because of some defect in the mixie and after sales service being a nightmare. Not to mention how many times, I have changed this apparatus.

Chef Kunal says that kind of experience is over if you buy this new product from Hamilton Beach, priced at Rs 25,000 and available at Amazon online shopping. To drive his point across and also keeping his own cooking USP in mind, he churned out some delicious Chaat-Hummus for us. That’s his motto: go international with a desi twang.

As for the recipe: Just add boiled chickpeas, salt, chaat masala, roasted jeera, chopped green chilli, chana dal namkeen, some garlic, some mint leaves, some sev, chilli powder, olive oil, lemon juice. Grind this to a fine paste. Your Chaat Hummus is ready! Serve it mixed up with chutney or some salad garnished on top or whatever your creative mind pleases. More recipes when you buy this, I believe.

Not only can you create and fuse, you can also cook soup with the soup settings on this good looking gadget; grind idli-dosa batter, puree coconut for delicious laddoos, mix and blend frozen products at the same temperature; all at the right ‘perfect’ consistency. All you do is put in your ingredients for juicing, mixing, pureeing, set the controls, lock the mixie and sit back and relax; you could read a magazine or watch a web series, as it silently does its job.

No spills, no shakes, no splatters and no wrong consistency. And the Chef himself assures us of this. So say ‘hello to perfection’ in your kitchen!


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