From being a hardcore Netflix junkie to finally making peace with Amazon Prime, I’ve come a long way. Not only did most shows on Amazon Prime make me do obnoxious and weird comparisons with Netflix, mostly because I was just a one internet video woman, but I also disliked innocuous things like the format of their shows and the font of their sub-titles!

Anyway, I finally had to concede defeat and start a fresh relationship with the latter. All because, here too, necessity is the mother of invention. And for lack of some seriously good stuff currently on Netflix, I gave it a try.

Glorious, captivating and a serious hook, LAPD (Los Angeles Police Deptt) detective Hieronymous Bosch or the more trendier version Harry Bosch swept my doubts under the carpet, with its slick writing, pack in a punch dialogues, superb music and even better cinematography.

Simply put, the series BOSCH, currently showing on Amazon Prime is what I am currently overdosing on and I can see no signs of getting off the couch that fast.

Fifty something, cool and very hip detective Bosch goes about his work with as much calmness, as one can expect out of a spa masseur. His cool head is his USP. His cases are always different; he’s always different and his ideals make sure we’re in the cheering squad for him each time. Despite bedding and loving a junior cop, he waives her off when it comes to choosing her or the truth.

So what if his mother was a prostitute; so what if he’s at loggerheads with higher ups in the system and so what if he’s not the most friendly cop to give media bytes? He’s just a hell of a guy taking us on a hell of a ride.

The fact that he loves and knows his jazz, beats up all the bad guys everytime and has an amazing relationship with his perky teenage daughter who lives with his ex-wife, now married to a Chinese man, makes Harry Bosch even more interesting.

I loved it. Am still on that trip. Watch.


Published by Tashneem Ali

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