Banish That Waste!

What does this look like to you? Some people I asked said it’s a hot water flask:) Well, it looks good enough to be that. But it’s just the InSinkErator gadget that helps dispose off kitchen waste, in the right manner.
You know that feeling when your kitchen sink gets jammed? How? Well, obviously with all kinds of food waste that either the kids or the maids or sometimes, yes, even you, dump into it just before the dishes get washed? Sounds familiar, right? Especially if you live in India and get your dishes washed in the kitchen sink.
Nobody can stop the waste getting stuck in the sink and of course, the subsequent blockage and the headache as you call a plumber to fix the blockage? Instead, just use the Insinkerator from Emerson Electric. An American company with a made for India product. What does this gadget do? You buy it, with the basic price from Rs 18000 onwards, and fix it just below your kitchen sink, attached to a plug point and a switch below.
Everytime the sink gets clogged, switch it on and the toughest waste gets sucked into the machine, that turns it into sludge and it moves speedily into the drainage. Just make sure your water tap is on as you use the InSinkerator. No blockages. No stress.


Published by Tashneem Ali

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