Banish That Waste!

What does this look like to you? Some people I asked said it’s a hot water flask:) Well, it looks good enough to be that. But it’s just the InSinkErator gadget that helps dispose off kitchen waste, in the right manner.You know that feeling when your kitchen sink gets jammed? How? Well, obviously with all […]

Mix It Up With Chef Kunal Kapur

  There are two things Chef Kunal Kapur believes in: one is to simplify the cooking process and two, to try and reach near perfection if possible, in his kitchen antics. As of today, he goes by many names such as celebrity chef, television personality, cooking whiz and inventor of recipes with a twist. His […]

Arjun Reddy review/Amazon Prime

All those who have seen the Hindi version Kabir Singh starring Shahid Kapur of this Telugu super hit and are raving about it may not have seen the original film so far, that is premiering on Amazon Prime right now. Either of the films will do, for your Sunday night film viewing. But if you […]

Goa’s rockstar MaryJo

She’s just 26 and has been singing since she was six. This stunner with a powerful, sexy voice, MaryJo De Mello who is half German and half Portuguese has been singing in the Goa circuit for a very long time. She belts out numbers in various languages like English, Hindi, Konkani, Portuguese, Latin and Russian. […]

The Chef Saby Diaries

    A little boy lost who finally found his path, his true calling, to emerge as one of the country’s top celebrity chefs is how Sabyasachi Gorai should be described. At 47, everybody in the food business and out of it knows him. And if you’re among those who fancy themselves to be discerning, […]

Brush Up On Burmese Food

Ankit Gupta, the young and dynamic director of the Burma Burma Restaurant and Tea Room says his being a herbivore has nothing to do with him opening a vegetarian restaurant. That very obvious thought does cross the mind though, doesn’t it?

Rocky Path To Rokeby Manor

Now, before you get any ideas, let me tell you that the path to this award-winning hotel in the Landour Cantonment area in Mussoorie is certainly not rocky at all. Instead, rocky would refer to (pun intended) the hair-raising, nerve chilling experience we had, while on our way to this place. Not for the faint-hearted, […]