Hey there, FATTY!

Since the Fatty Bao restaurant opened in Delhi a little more than three years ago, I have wanted to go there for a meal. But as luck would have it, it just quite didn’t happen. In fact, I had been to the Sangam courtyard mall in RK Puram, quite a few times and visited a […]

That’s Nirvana!

  At first, it was a joke that did the rounds while I was in school, then in college and later when I was a white collared entity working in an upscale city slickers office, minting words for a living. We all wanted to attain nirvana; that perfect state of bliss from which nobody could […]

Hungover On Thailand

Each time I have a dream these days, I wake up somewhere in Thailand on a hot sultry sea beach with the waves lapping around my feet hung astride my beach chair. I can feel the soft breeze blowing my now sticky hair all over my tanned face. In the distance, I can hear faint […]