Trapped By Ice

Nordic noir that’s impossibly haunting, terribly intense and set in a place that teaches us what it means to be at odds against nature. Nature, here has the greatest role, both when the natural blizzard happens and then when the man made avalance occurs. Nothing can move without the will of Mother Nature as we […]

Catch A Copper: Line Of Duty

This one’s a killer. Previously you’ve seen cops hot on the trail of murderers, criminals, drug lords and what not. Here in Line of Duty on Netflix, a British BBC police procedural television series created by Jed Mercurio, you have cops gunning for fellow cops. We are introduced to AC 12, Anti-Corruption Unit 12 with key members […]

Tale Of Two Films: Andhadhun Vs Bazaar

Andhadhun is a macabre yet brilliant fest. Bazaar has promise but slides into mediocrity.

Crime Pays. Does It?

Bingeing on crime shows a bit too much? Fear not. Research says it makes your brain get sharper and smarter. Top 5 CRIME on Netflix